Critical Observation Report

What is a Critical Observation Report and Who Needs Them?

A Critical Observation Report (COR) documents in detail the findings such that a review of successive reports will clearly demonstrate changes in the condition of exterior walls and appurtenant structures of the building and any adjoining structures. Criterium-Liszkay Engineers employs professional structural engineers to provide an unbiased inspection providing you with an understanding of your building and to satisfy the city inspection and reporting requirements.

Certain buildings in the downtown Columbus area are subject to reporting requirements meant to enhance the level of protection to pedestrian traffic. A COR is required every 5 years for downtown buildings that are:

  • 20 years old or older, and
  • Located within 10 feet of a public right-of-way, pedestrian walkway or plaza
  • Buildings that are 3 stories or taller will require the observation report to be conducted by an architect or engineer who specializes in structural engineering.

What Is Included in a COR?

  •  A visual review of all building elevations. The person conducting this critical observation is not expected to perform any invasive or destructive testing. However, this may be recommended if a problem is discovered
  • An examination of the building exterior, including wall surfaces, window and door openings, appurtenances, etc.
  • Observation and documentation of conditions observed such as:
    -Movement of building components
    -Water intrusion
    -Loose appurtenances
    -Deterioration of materials
    -Improper previous repairs
  • Other relevant and necessary information on the condition and safety of the exterior walls and appurtenance structures of the building.

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