Home Buying – Don’t Ignore Home Testing and Inspections

Home Testing and Inspection are critical when buying a home.  In the medical field, there are many different tests that can be performed to check your overall health.  There are many tests and inspections that can be completed on a home as well.  Criterium-Liszkay Engineers performs many home inspections each year.   A home inspection is the backbone of quality due diligence when purchasing a home, but there are other tests and inspections that should be considered.

Tests and Inspections to Consider During Home Buying Due Diligence Include:

  1. Well inspection (water) and testing
  2. Septic tank and septic field inspection
  3. Sewer line camera inspection
  4. Mold inspection and testing
  5. Lead testing
  6. Radon testing
  7. Termite inspection
  8. Gas line leak test
  9. Main water line flow test and inspection
  10. Underground downspout and drainage piping camera inspections and testing
  11. HVAC system check, including a heat exchanger inspection
  12. An insulation and energy efficiency inspection and report



Each Home Testing and Inspection item above should be considered based on the home being evaluated.  Criterium-Liszkay’s Professional Engineers are ready to help with completing and advising on your home due diligence.  You can reach us at our website