The Steps to Complete Your Reserve Study

The following will provide an overview of the typical steps involved in Reserve Studies performed by Criterium-Liszkay Engineers.

  1. Request For Proposal – The Association Board or the Association Property Manager will request a proposal from us. This can be as simple as a phone call, email or completed form on our website to as formal as a request for proposal document outlining the project specifications.
  2. Information Request – Criterium-Liszkay Engineers has completed several hundred association studies in Central Ohio. We may already have much of the information we require about your association. If not, we will provide you with a simple questionnaire to request basic data.
  3. Project Review and Proposal Submission – We will review the information provided by you, publicly available information about the property, and our historical records. Using these things, we will prepare and email you a proposal to complete your study.
  4. Proposal Discussion – Criterium-Liszkay Engineers is happy to meet with your association representatives to discuss any questions or proposal details.
  5. Study Proposal Approval – To authorize us to proceed with the study, it is as simple as signing our proposal and submitting payment for the project fee.
  6. Site Inspection Scheduling – We will work with you to select a day for our engineer to complete the site inspection.
  7. Site Visit Coordination Discussion – The engineer scheduled to complete the site inspection will reach out to schedule a pre-site visit call, video conference, or meeting. We generally do the following during this discussion:
    1. Become acquainted with all representatives from the association,
    2. Inquire as to known concerns,
    3. Review details of any recent work completed,
    4. Coordinate any site visit details,
    5. Discuss overall project schedule.
  8. Site Inspection – Our team completes our site inspection. Someone from the association or from the property management company may need to attend some of the site visit depending on access restrictions at the property.
  9. Preparation of Draft Report – Criterium-Liszkay Engineers prepares our report including a project narrative, capital expenditure projection, funding alternatives and photos taken during the site inspection.
  10. Draft Report Quality Assurance – Two engineers who did not prepare the draft report review the report per our quality assurance checklist.
  11. Board Draft Report Review – The association and the association property manager review the draft report and questions and comments are generated. Criterium-Liszkay Engineers is available to meet to discuss the draft report during this phase.
  12. Prepare Final Report – All comments information generated during the draft review are incorporated into the report. The final report is submitted to the association for final review and report acceptance. Upon acceptable, typically no further changes are made to the report.
  13. Presentation or Discussion with Ownership – As a final step, Criterium-Liszkay Engineers is available to meet to discuss the final report with the association ownership to present our results and answer any questions.

About Us: Criterium-Liszkay Engineers celebrated its 52nd year in business in 2021.  Among the many real estate engineering services that we provide; we have been completing reserve and transition studies for central Ohio associations for over three decades. Our team of exclusively licensed engineers and licensed architects also provides other association services including:

  • Capital Project Specifications preparation
  • Capital Project Scope of Work documentation preparation
  • Maintenance Needs Assessment Reports (Property Condition Report)
  • Structural and other Special Inspections
  • Vendor Bid Review Assistance

If we can be of assistance to your association, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 614-418-7200 or or at our website