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About Us

"... To place service before profit, the honor and standing of the profession before personal advantage, and the public welfare above all other considerations."

The year was 1970, C. R. "Dick" Withem, a Professional Engineer, realized that home buyers had no assurances about the mechanical and structural integrity of the property they were about to purchase. Dick discovered an engineer in New York named Arthur Tauscher, who in 1957 had developed the concept of comprehensive home and building inspections. Hence was born Home Inspection Consultants of Columbus.

In 1989, Donald Liszkay, also a Professional Engineer, began working with Dick Withem. Upon Dick's retirement in 1996, Donald Liszkay purchased the company and changed the name to Criterium-Liszkay Engineers and is currently providing an ever-expanding specialty of building inspection services.

Today, Criterium-Liszkay Engineers is the oldest engineering firm in the Central Ohio Area specializing in pre-purchase home and building inspections, staffed solely with licensed Professional Engineers. We are now expanding into architectural services.

Our reputation for excellence and integrity has been won with an unmatched record of experience, having inspected more than 25,000 structures.

Through the combined knowledge and experience of our engineering staff and our association with the Criterium Engineers North American network of over 70 firms, we continue to offer our clients the broadest bank of information in the field.

Our centrally located office, equipped with modern computer technology, is positioned to provide prompt, professional and confidential report services to our clients.

Your Own Team of Experts

For most, buying a home represents the single largest investment of a lifetime. With Criterium-Liszkay Engineers, you have the added peace of mind that your decision is the right one.